Exclusive: Iezzo- “I have beautiful memories in Naples; Reina I’d keep him for life…”

Gennaro Iezzo, former goalkeeper of Naples, has released a long interview with “La Gazzetta dello Sport”, on the eve of Napoli-Rome, speaking, among the things, also of the future of Reina.

Iezzo, you were one of the architects of the Napoli ride from Serie C to a. You spent six years in blue, what do you remember about this experience?

“I have beautiful memories related to the two promotions and the many victories. With that team we managed to make people fall in love after the failure of society and the difficult years lived. We started from the C series, where we played on suburban fields, and we got up to the Champions League qualifier. It was a daydream for me. I’m a Napoli fan and I’m proud to have dressed the blue jersey. Getting into the field every Sunday at San Paolo was a unique emotion for me. ”

To defend the goal of Naples today there is Reina. Lately we talk so much about his possible farewell at the end of the season. Milan is waiting for him. Do you think the Spaniard is right to choose the club Rossonero?

“The choice does not depend only on him. If Naples decides not to renew it is normal for Reina to look around. These are personal decisions. He is a goalkeeper of great experience: technical, agile, good with his feet. It has become important for Naples and I am sorry that there is a risk of losing him. I would keep him in blue for life. ”

Speaking of Donnarumma, do you think he might be the heir to Buffon?

“There are no goalkeepers who could collect the legacy of Buffon, the only one is Gigio Donnarumma. He has all the papers in order: physicality, personality, technique, talent. If he works well and with the right mindset he can get really high. ”

Staying on the theme goalkeepers. Even Buffon could say goodbye at the end of the season. In your opinion, should he keep playing?

“Gigi could play yet another year or two. He is well physically and can handle it. When he decides to say goodbye to Juve, in my opinion, he will not wear any other shirt. Perhaps only that of the Carrara, the team of his native country. ”

Many names have circulated for the post-Reina: Leno, Rulli, Perin, Pau Lopez and others. Who should take his place in Naples?

“None of these. If Reina were to go away it should be all about Luigi Sepe. The concept is clear: if the club is willing to spend so much for a young goalkeeper, who do they not guarantee certainty because he is not so experienced and ready, then it’s better to give the confidence to Sepe. Otherwise, if the company decides to spend as much for a strong goalkeeper then they should sign an elite keeper like Handanovic. ”

Saturday Napoli-Roma.  What’s your prediction? The Giallorossi come from two consecutive defeats. Will Napoli succeed in winning?

“Naples must be attentive to all matches. Rome comes from a bad time, but Roma is always dangerous. It has players that can change the game at all times. Naples in these months has, however, grown so much and should win against the Giallorossi. ”

Sarri’s team was eliminated by Leipzig in the Europa Leagu. Is the exit from the second European competition a lost opportunity or an opportunity to concentrate on the championship?

“I think that the Europa League could be primarily a competition for young people to grow up. The Rose of Naples was not adequate to better manage the competition. Races in Europe bring fatigue between matches, travel and time spent preparing them. The blue team with the right interpreters could have gone beyond Leipzig. The elimination can still become an element in favour of Naples, which can now focus only on the league.

Will Napoli be able to keep Juve at a distance and win the direct clash at the Allianz Stadium on April 22nd?

“The timetable of Naples, compared to Juve, until the direct clash is much more complicated than that of the Bianconeri. Respectively against Rome and Lazio, the team of Sarri will have to face two transfers in Milan against Inter and Milan. The Juve of difficult races has instead only Lazio Saturday, which comes from a grueling match in the Italian Cup against Milan finished on penalties, and Milan in the house. If Naples were able to overcome Rome, it will have to contend against the two Milanese. It scares me especially Inter, the team of Spalletti is a hostile opponent and should not be underestimated. Lazio, however, if it enters the field as they previously won against Juve can be able to put in trouble the Bianconeri. For the direct clash between Naples and Juve everything will depend on how the ranking is. If Napoli can still be ahead, it’s an account. If you have to go to Turin to win then it will be different. ”

Source: La Gazzetta dello Sport

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