Zola: “The Napoli of Sarri reminds me so much of mine with Maradona and Careca. The championship will be decided by Juve-Napoli”

A long and interesting interview issued by Gianfranco Zola in the La Gazzetta dello Sport in which he spoke of Serie A and fight championship between Napoli-Juventus: Sarri? “I called it a sort of Riccardo Muti. Napoli plays by heart, finds itself on patterns and plays on which there is little to do. They are reminiscent of that of Maradona and my time in Napoli. I think it’s the good season for the championship.

Allegri? “Massimiliano has been doing great things for years, he has remodeled schemes and players, suffice it to say Mandzukic, has overcome with character on complicated situations. He is a great manager of player development. The fight between Juve and Naples is beautiful, I think the championship is decided by Juve-Napoli and other big matches.

Future with Sarri at Chelsea? “A weak yes and a no I stick something about Chelsea. But I know nothing about this hypothesis. Besides, after coaching Birmingham I took a sabbatical year. ”

Cagliari-Napoli. “No prediction. I saw the Cagliari match against Juve. They have intensity and with Lopez in the back three makes a good choice. At the beginning of the season I said that their team was of quality like good cigars with three attackers. But they missed the balance behind it. Now you have to regret their knockout with Chievo. “

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