PREMIUM – Miceli: “Napoli will make another offer for Politano, Lucas difficult for these 3 reasons…”

Daniele Miceli, a journalist from Mediaset, has talked during “Premium Sport“, bringing the latest Napoli’s calciomercato:

Younes? Yesterday he was on the field because he refused the offer of Swansea which allowed Ajax to offer 10 million euros in cash to sway his decision. In Naples It remains at the window, while it is now clash between the Dutch team and the agent of the player to decide. Politano? Napoli will make the offer to Sassuolo, but the Neroverde will, most likely, respond with a solid no. With regard to Lucas Moura, he will not go to Naples for three reasons: the player wants a guarantee of top minutes. The lack of guaranteed position in Sari’s tactics and is still waiting for a super cash offer that will come soon from Tottenham.

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